Here I am…

This is pretty surreal. Today is my first day in my town of Yeongwol Korea. We are about an hour and a half east of Seoul by bus. Not bad, totally manageable. I arrived last night, and was shown around by the Gym teacher at my elementary school. His English was not good, but we managed to have pleasant conversation. he told me about all his travels, and asked me if I wanted to join his soccer team. I said suuuuuuuuure! Anyway, he introduced me to the Principal, Vice Principal, and the administration ladies. My school is small but colorful. It is two floors with a small recess area in the front. To get to school, I will wait outside my apartment at 8:30 am and ride the Kindergarten bus. Yes, I’ll be riding to my new job in style, with the cool kids.

After a lot of logistics and paperwork, I was taken to my new apartment, which is just out of the main downtown area. A nice 5 minute walk. My place is a studio apartment on the first floor. There are some pros and cons to it. Its small, no windows, almost no storage, and the shower is currently broken. BUT, I have lots of blankets, heated floors, a second room with a sofa, TV, good bed, and a desk with a bookshelf. It’s a good thing I’m not the only English teacher in this town, Vanessa from LA lives in the next building and she has graciously let me use her shower. She is also educating me on the intricacies of K-Pop. I’m baffled.

So far, I feel a little far away from everything. If that makes any sense. I’m aware of how isolated I am. All in all that is a good thing, but last night and early this morning I really didn’t know what to do. I miss thinking about art, and this last week was so hectic with orientation and meeting new people that I wasn’t able to draw or even write too much. As soon as my job begins tomorrow and I establish a routine, the feeling of OH SHITTT HOW DID I GET HERE will melt away and everything will work out. Because it always does so why shouldn’t it again?????

This morning Vanessa, Lauren (from South Africa), and myself ventured into town to explore and purchase some food and supplies. I’ve been looking for Nutella but I don’t think it exists in this small provincial town. Unfortunate, but I’ve found other things to snack on such as green tea chocolate cookies, bananas, coffee, noodles, and clementines. You know the essentials. I’ve been told good pizza exists here also, which is so so so great. Please don’t think that I don’t like Korean food, I love it. Especially Bulgogi and Bibimbop. But we all need pizza every once in a while.

We have a meet and greet dinner tonight (I think) so until then I will continue unpacking and start making this apartment feel more inspiring. I’m thankful my Spotify works in Korea so Fleetwood Mac and Leon Bridges can serenade me as I work.

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