On snacks, fires, and trash.

There has been a major triumph that occurred this week. One that several of us newcomers are relishing in. We finally mustered the courage to throw out the trash. You may laugh, but garbage disposal in Korea is such an ordeal. You need to sort all your trash, and collect it in specific official yellow bags. If you use the wrong bag or throw things in the wrong bin, something awful might happen. I’m not sure. If you’re throwing out food, it needs to be sorted into its own special bag, and preferably kept in your freezer until you are ready to take it outside. My concern was I didn’t know where the garbage disposal was in my apartment complex. I tried spying on my neighbors to see where they took their trash, but I just never seemed to catch them at it. Vanessa never saw them either. Finally the other day she located the disposal area, where there are bins and specially marked areas for various trash,recyclables and compost. It was funny when we realized that many of us in other towns or regions had been intimidated to take out the trash. CRISIS AVERTED.

This past weekend we had some friends from Wonju and Pyeongchang come to visit. The plan was to go see Beauty and the Beast all together and generally show them around our super cool awesome town of Yeongwol. Since last weekend was so hectic what with travelling to Seoul and being touristy, it was nice to kick back and hang around town. Then we realized the weather was going to be excellent and pretty warm so it was decided to have the first bonfire of the year down by the river, organized by the Yeongwol teachers who had already been here when we arrived. They are a diverse and lively group, some of whom have been here for several years. Apparently there is a rich tradition of riverside bonfires once the the weather gets warm. I never thought that I’d come to Korea and still be able to go to bonfires and eat s’mores, hot dogs and other American snacks. It just didn’t seem likely. We had a fantastic time, and It was very pretty down by the river, watching the speed trains go by every hour or so, and the stars that slowly appear in the sky. It will be even nicer when its not so cold and we have more firewood.

Once the fire died, we made our way back up to civilization with the remainder of the snacks and went to the movie theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast. We were incredibly hyped, and had bought our tickets earlier that day. We all really loved it, and enjoyed watching it together. The film was in English with Korean subtitles. Tickets were only 5,000 Won (5$)  so I’m planning on going to the movies whenever I can, and probably watch some choice Korean films too.  On Sunday morning I took my friends to the bus station so they could get back to their towns and lives.

Walking home from the bus station, I realized how warm, sunny, and quiet it was. Very peaceful and Sunday-ish. I thought about how nice it would be to sit in the park or on a bench anywhere in town and enjoy the sun and draw.  Maybe do a series of drawings around town. I seriously can’t wait for summer.

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1 thought on “On snacks, fires, and trash.”

  1. You have to respect a country that holds people accountable for their trash. That being said I wonder what the consequences are for not disposing of your trash properly? You can always burn your trash in the bonfires!🔥


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